Eclipse hangs while creating an Android Project

Today I tried creating my first Android application project via Eclipse.  I use the Eclipse Luna version and trying to create an Android application project for target Android 4.4 release.

I launched the Eclipse icon by double click on the icon and start creating the project.  After I provide all the details like application name, project name, package name, activity name etc… after I hit the finish button it keeps on loading.

I tried few changes in eclipse.ini file which is located in the eclipse installed directory by increasing the memory.  But still the problem exists.

Something trigger my mind.  I use Windows 7 and I installed eclipse inside Program Files folder and I know windows 7 using different permission levels to access anything inside program files folder.

Now I right click on the eclipse icon on desktop and I ran this time as ‘Run as administrator’ and tried creating the project.  It works !!!!

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